Great article on “America’s Favorite Poison”… you know, the stuff they still dump in Roses Lake?

I think many people feel share these common feelings that I have:

  1. Our the Federal Government is not acting fast enough to eradicate dangerous herbicides and pesticides.
  2. Big chemical companies make tons of money, and will go to great lengths to conceal truths about their dangers.
  3. Apple growers and others in the agricultural industry won’t quit using these until the government forces them.

The main subject of this article, “America’s Favorite Poison Are millions suffering needlessly because the EPA hid the dangers of Roundup?”,  is glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. It has been getting a ton of negative attention lately because some ugly facts have come out.

The article points out some shockers: “Monsanto asked the Environmental Protection Agency to seal the biotech giant’s studies on glyphosate”.

Ouch. And then of course, “Scientist Anthony Samsel, with the assistance of his U.S. Senator, was finally able to obtain these secret studies in 2015, he discovered that lab animals fed even small amounts of glyphosate ended up with cancer and tumors in virtually every organ and gland[2].”

This kind of slow-to-move attitude by our government reminds me a lot of the highly dangerous and toxic chlorpyrifos, which is about to get banned. The EPA was dragging its feet on banning. The EPA actually got sued to take action by the Pesticide Action Network, and now it is about to ban Chlorpyrifos.

Did I mention that Roundup is so popular, they dump this crap in Roses Lake. Apparently the waterfront property owners don’t want their little lake to have smelly algae or be murky. They’d rather have cancer-causing poison. A word to the wise, Roses Lake has already been pummeled by decades of DDT and lead arsenate, and that junk has stuck around. I would never eat the fish in this lake.




EYE IRRITATION? This stuff has been shown to cause cancer, autism and other horrible things. When will our government pick up the pace and start protecting us?



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