Insecticides used by Washington Apple growers cause brain damage and developmental defects in children.

Washington apple growers, and other farmers, need to take a good long look at the chemicals they are using. The word is out about Chlorpyrifos and other nasty pesticides. I am assuming most growers know, if they haven’t been living in a cave on Mars. So why do the growers still choose to use this stuff? Most of them have their homes right smack dab in the middle of their orchards. Why would they choose to live in a big cloud of toxic poison?

We’re talking about big powerful spray machines that shoot these chemicals 20+ feet up in the air (and I’ve seen higher!)

The CDC reports that  “Chlorpyrifos can enter your body through your mouth, lungs, and skin.” and don’t worry, how bad could it be?


Another chemical factsheet report says that it can cause these very minor things…

Acute exposure can result in such
symptoms as numbness, tingling sensation, in-
coordination, dizziness, vomiting, sweating, nau-
sea, stomach cramps, headache, vision distur-
bances, muscle twitching, drowsiness, anxiety,
slurred speech, depression, confusion and in ex-
treme cases, respiratory arrest, unconsciousness,
convulsions, and death.
Oh, is that all? Remember that next time somebody says “its not that bad for you”.